Mark Pendergrast

"Pendergrast is an affable guide on a wondrously labyrinthine tour. He explains complex phenomena with remarkable clarity, in a relaxed tone, and with a sense of humor." —Philadelphia Inquirer
"Mark Pendergrast, the ultimate free-lance journalist with an eclectic mind, writes about deceptively narrow topics that in fact have figured in world history for millennia." —Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Mark Pendergrast speaks at universities, schools of public health, business conferences, management seminars, and psychological meetings. His presentations are tailored to his audience but are always entertaining, thought-provoking, and challenging. Contact him to arrange an event. Click here for links to speeches, TV, and radio appearances. Click here for comments on his presentations.

Jack and the Bean Soup

Poor Jack.  All he wanted to do was eat and get rich, like any other boy.  But when he traded his cow for magic beans, to make the world’s best soup, it made him so gassy that even his mother couldn’t stay in the same house with him…

For the irreverent of all ages, from preschool through senility.  A perfect gift for Father’s Day, anyone turning fifty, or people with crass taste.  Good for reading aloud using different voices (Jack, his mother, the bean salesman, the giant).

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To see a YouTube with Mark Pendergrast reading Jack and the Bean Soup aloud, click here.

Mark Pendergrast was inspired to write Jack and the Bean Soup after consuming an inordinate amount of delicious lentil soup.  His wife refused to sleep with him, so he stayed up and wrote this book.

Illustrations by Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr., an artist and cartoonist.  His political cartoon strip, Mr. Brunelle Explains It All, has been annoying readers of the Funny Times since 1997.  New strips are posted weekly on the web comic site  You may learn more about Mr. Brunelle’s art by emailing or visiting