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Mark’s Book Proposals That Didn’t Yet Find a Home
(Meant to Inspire Other Writers or Publishers)

These are book proposals I wrote at one time or another for which I never signed a contract. As you can tell, writing a detailed, convincing book proposal takes a great deal of research and time. I am putting these proposals here in hopes that some other writer will take them up if I don’t get to them in the meantime. I would be glad to help. –Mark Pendergrast


Crime Scene Injustice (CSI): How Junk Forensic Science Puts Innocent People Behind Bars

Bang Bang: The Business End of Guns

Blocked: The Frustrating Mystery of Stuttering

2084: Will Oil Depletion, Climate Change, and Population Growth Lead to a Planetary Disaster (or a New Way to Live)?

The Man Who Would Save the World (Then Retire on Mars): The Extraordinary Life and Work of Elon Musk

Electrified: How Sustainable Electricity Can Save Civilization and Promote Global Health

The Mouse That Roars (Renewably): Vermont’s Efforts to Live Green and Stop Global Warming


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