Poor Jack.  All he wanted to do was eat and get rich, like any other boy.  But when he traded his cow for magic beans, to make the world’s best soup, it made him so gassy that even his mother couldn’t stay in the same house with him…


For the irreverent of all ages, from preschool through senility.  A perfect gift for Father’s Day, anyone turning fifty, or people with crass taste.  Good for reading aloud using different voices (Jack, his mother, the bean salesman, the giant).


Mark Pendergrast was inspired to write Jack and the Bean Soup after consuming an inordinate amount of delicious lentil soup.  His wife refused to sleep with him, so he stayed up and wrote this book.



To see a YouTube with Mark Pendergrast reading Jack and the Bean Soup aloud, click here.


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Silly Sadie


Silly Sadie is another fractured fairy tale about a princess who turns into a frog and whose lovely legs attract the royal chef.


Everybody loves Sadie, not just because she is beautiful, but because she is sweet and kind and loves all living things. There is only one problem. Whenever Sadie is happy — which is most of the time — she giggles and smiles and laughs a tinkly laugh that makes her sound sort of silly. When Silly Sadie meets the Frog Prince, her life changes in ways she could never have imagined…


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Mark Pendergrast

Childrens Books

The Godfool


The Godfool. Once there was a fool. He must have had a real name once, but the only name he knew, and the only thing he was called, was Fool….


Thus begins this thought-provoking folktale. The Godfool is not just a children’s book. It is a fable, a parable with a moral for all of us. The village Fool, who sleeps in Ma Beezle’s pig trough, comes to believe that he is also God. Though he is the butt of jokes and source of amusement for many who consider themselves superior to him, the Godfool has dipped into a deep well of wisdom, compassion and humanity. His story may inspire others to learn from his simple kindness and faith.


The Illustrator

Illustrations by Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr., an artist and cartoonist.  His political cartoon strip, Mr. Brunelle Explains It All, has been annoying readers of the Funny Times since 1997.  New strips are posted weekly on the web comic site www.blacklinecomics.com.  You may learn more about Mr. Brunelle’s art by emailing brunelle3@aol.com or visiting www.mrbrunelle.com.


Mark Pendergrast


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