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Regarding City on the Verge

“An enchanting story of a Sunbelt city that will captivate both urban planners and the general public. An Atlanta native, the author brings an engaging and insightful voice to this work, and his research is meticulously thorough.”

– Library Journal

Comments on His Presentations


From Professor Heidi Hurd, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana Mark: Your visit to Illinois has been wonderfully engaging for students and faculty alike. I have heard so many great things from the students about your talk yesterday, and about how much they enjoyed reading your work and thinking about the costs and benefits of coffee through the fascinating historical narrative that you construct. Your lecture and work proved a perfect vehicle for teaching students how to connect their daily consumer choices to far-flung practices around the globe that affect some of the world’s most burdened people. I am so grateful to you for making the journey to Illinois to spend time with all of us, and for inspiring students to think beyond the rim of their coffee cups!


Thank you, also, for your generosity in bringing along so many of your other fascinating books. I will devour all of them in the weeks to come, and I will buy the ones I don’t have so as to sustain my “Pendergrast marathon”. It will be an eye-opening experience to read and learn from your insightful tales, and I will look forward in the future to the fruits of your energies as they are realized between the covers of your books to come.

Mark Pendergrast


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