Mark Pendergrast

"Pendergrast is an affable guide on a wondrously labyrinthine tour. He explains complex phenomena with remarkable clarity, in a relaxed tone, and with a sense of humor." —Philadelphia Inquirer
"Mark Pendergrast, the ultimate free-lance journalist with an eclectic mind, writes about deceptively narrow topics that in fact have figured in world history for millennia." —Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Mark Pendergrast speaks at universities, schools of public health, business conferences, management seminars, and psychological meetings. His presentations are tailored to his audience but are always entertaining, thought-provoking, and challenging. Contact him to arrange an event. Click here for links to speeches, TV, and radio appearances. Click here for comments on his presentations.

The Goddfool

The Godfool. Once there was a fool. He must have had a real name once, but the only name he knew, and the only thing he was called, was Fool….

Thus begins this thought-provoking folktale. The Godfool is not just a children’s book. It is a fable, a parable with a moral for all of us. The village Fool, who sleeps in Ma Beezle’s pig trough, comes to believe that he is also God. Though he is the butt of jokes and source of amusement for many who consider themselves superior to him, the Godfool has dipped into a deep well of wisdom, compassion and humanity. His story may inspire others to learn from his simple kindness and faith.

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